What you need to know to protect yourself!

New Malware Threat

With individuals and companies relying more and more on the internet to conduct business, purchasing, banking and using it for recreational purpose, online security is an ever increasing issue. Please read on to learn more about one of the most common adware software that can infect your system:

WHAT IS SPNS.ROTATEMYAD.COM? popup is the result of an underlying malicious malware infection of your computer, such as a potentially unwanted program or application (otherwise known as PUP or PUA). It could also be the result of a malicious browser extension which is more likely to infect commonly used browers such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. The infection is usually a result of ad-ware installed on your computer which mostly likely occurs when you install some other online software. It is common for these to attach themselves to common programs that users download from the internet such as VLC player.

WHAT DOES SPNS.ROTATEMYAD.COM DO?’s main purpose is to redirect you to malicious advertisements when you visit particular websites or when you click on some advertisements. It can sometimes affect your system by showing popups that go directly and then redirects you to another website.

WHAT ARE THE RISKS OF AN INFECTED SYSTEM? can pose a number of risks – not only to your physical computer system but also your personal information that can be access online and on your computer. It can spread a lot of different spyware and adware throughout your system causing your system to run slowly or cause sudden death. It can track information very easily through logging your internet browsing history and allows cyber criminals to steal your personal information including enough to steal your identity or access your bank accounts if you use them online.


While there is some different software available online that can get rid of this malicious software from your system, it is recommended to not use it as it has the potential to be unsafe as well. There are a few things you can do to get rid of this malware manually without any external assistance.

On the menu bar, go to the Tools menu and click Add-ons. When the add-ons manager appears, select Extensions or Appearance. If you find any unknown add-ons that you didn’t know you installed or that you don’t recognise, uninstall them immediately by clicking the remove button and restart.

In the top right hand side when you have Chrome open is the menu, pick Tools and then Extensions. Click on the trash can icon for each extension that is unfamiliar to you and click Remove.

Internet Explorer
Click on the Tools button and go to Manage add-ons. Under the Show tab, choose All add-ons and then click on Disable for each add-on that you don’t recognise or is unfamiliar to you.


Cryptowall: What is Ransomware?

Cryptowall, Save your Money! Stay Away!

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Ransomware is a threat that is very popular lately because it has been making its creators a lot of money. Cryptowall is a bribery program. It gets onto your computer and locks up your files and demands money from you in order to get your file out of jail. Malware and virus programmers have decided that they don’t make enough money jamming up your pc with injected advertisements and popup ads, so they’re now resorting directly to blackmail, by stealing files from you and asking for money to get them back.

Where did it come from?

Cryptowall is a program that was written by malware programmers to steal money from users and it is distributed in a pay to install program. What is pay per install? It is a program in which malware makers can distribute their software bundled along with other software that users actually want to install ont their computers. This software is something like adobe that you want to use, but the malware writers add their software on with adobe and if you’re not careful when you install your desired program you will end up with cryptowall or something like it along with your preffered software.

What does it do?

Cryptowall starts out by installing itself into the root directory of your computer where you cannot easily uninstall it. Then it proceeds to find files on your pc and lock them up with an RSA password that if you do not have the password you will not be able to decrytp the file. Then cryptowall sends you a message that says that your file are encrypted and if you to not send a certain amount of money to the malware program writers through bitcoin you will lose all your files. The best way to deal with this is to restore your pc to a previous state before you were infected.

How do I protect myself?

The best way to protect yourself in the future is to be very careful when you’re installing any software you downloaded off the internet. You want to read every line of dialog in the installation boxes and always choose custom installation so that nothing can sneak in under your radar. Another safe things you should do is use malwarebytes antimalware a program that protects you from these types of malicious programs.

If you have this reasonably priced software installed on your computer it will keep these types of programs from installing themselves on your computer. It updates itself automatically each day and takes care of things without you even having to hassel with it.